Endorsements for Negotiating for Dummies

“I negotiate all day long. This book is terrific. It is packed with good information. We all need to focus more on negotiation and less on the courts to resolve our disputes and disagreements. We need to spend more energy finding the common ground.”

         Ralph Munro, Secretary of State, State of Washington

“This book gives you everything you need to know about negotiating.”

        Tom Sullivan, actor, writer, composer, singer, and speaker

“Mike’s insight into negotiating provides positive tools you can use every day—plus it’s positively entertaining.”

        Spike Jones, Jr., Goldberg & O’Reily, TV Producer

“Its easy, common-sense approach to getting what you need while respecting your counter-part’s needs makes success even sweeter.”

        Barbara Bosson, Actress, Murder One, NYPD Blue

“Not just another quick fix that falls apart. Negotiation for Dummies shows you in a no-nonsense, get-to-the-point way how to really negotiate. I strongly suggest you don’t loan your copy out – you’ll never see it again.”

        Dr. Judith Briles, author of Gender Traps and The Confidence Factor

“Michael Donaldson has negotiated in personal, political, and business environments. I have watched him in all three areas over 30 years. He knows what he is doing.”

        Bob Beverly, State Senator, State of California

“Michael Donaldson is a premiere negotiator. I have the utmost respect for him. I trust him, and I’m thrilled with the deal he made for me.”

        Jess Walton, Actress, “Jill Foster Abbott” on The Young and The
        Restless series CBS-TV

“Michael Donaldson has the talent to take a non-commercial project that you do for yourself and find a way to negotiate a very good financial deal for everyone.”

        Chuck Workman, Oscar winning filmmaker

“Michael is simply the best lawyer in town. He is honest. He know what he is doing – and he is absolutely unflappable at the negotiating table.”

        Norma Connolly Rodman, Actress, “Aunt Ruby” on General
        Hospital series ABC-TV

“I’ve worked with Michael for many years. I’ve seen him negotiate in all kinds of situations. He knows how to keep it simple, and he’s always a gentleman.”

        Kent McCray, Producer, Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie,
        Highway to Heaven

“Michael Donaldson knows the movers and shakers up close and personal. He observes the secrets to success and how they work on a daily basis.”

        Betty White, Actress, Author

“Dad said, ‘If you have a problem, go see Michael Donaldson – he’ll know what to do. And how to do it.’ Dad was right.”

        Michael Landon, Jr., Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor

“We thoroughly enjoyed Michaels’s presentation in Milan. He gave us valuable tips and was very entertaining.”

        Diane Fryman, Former President, Milan Toastmasters Chapter of
        Milan, Italy, and Internal Program Director for the Professional
        Women’s Association (Milan, Italy).