Clearance/Production Legal

Boettcher-Trinklein, “Pioneers of Television”
Cameron Crowe, “The Union”
Charles Ferguson, “Inside Job”
Chuck Braverman, “Weed Wars”
Connie Marks, “Being Elmo”
Davis Guggenheim, “Waiting for Superman”
James Toback, “Tyson”
Jason Blum, “Insidious,” “The Babymakers”
Kirby Dick, “The Invisible War”
Lawrence Bender, “Countdown to Zero”
Lesli Klainberg, “Indie Sex”
Marina Zenovich, “Roman Polanski – Wanted and Desired”
Mark Lipson, “Tabloid”
Morgan Neville, “Troubadours,” “Pearl Jam 20”
Oliver Stone, “South of the Border,” “Secret History Project”
Robert Siegel, “Big Fan”
Sara Lamm
Turner Classics, “Moguls and Movie Stars,” “A Night at the Movies”

Production Companies

Abso Lutely Productions (Tim and Eric)
Associated Television International
Legend Films

Non-Profit Organizations

Film Independent
Women in Film
Writer’s Guild Foundation

Legitimate Theatre

Centre Theatre Group, (Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, Kirk Douglas Theatre)
The Broad Stage
The Geffen Playhouse